Potential Banner C for Snufflesworld

Snuffles visits vacaville and the adidas store

Snuffles tries on a hat

Snuffles finds a pair of adidas shorts

The shoe ifts perfectly!!!

Must find a blue pair of these shoes

Jurassic park - Snuffles Style!!!

Snuffles swings through the trees of Hawaii

Can't get enough of the swinging

Snuffles doesn't like to follow rules

Snuffles visits Rainbow Falls

Snuffles visits Pe'e pe'e Falls

Pe'e pe'e Falls downstream

Snuffles is an explorer!!!

We offer snuffles to the god pele!!!

Snuffles explores the lava rocks

Snuffles checks the official US Geological Survey Seal for the Volcano

What is that in the distance? Let me see!

Snuffles checks out the volcano crater

I'm almost as big as the crater....

Who's the pimp in the picture?

Ton visits San Francisco

Ton visits San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf

Ton visits San Francisco's Chinatown

Ton and Half 'n' Half visit Berkeley's Campanelli